On September 7, 2023, the Canadian government initiated a public inquiry into alleged meddling in the Canadian elections of 2019 and 2021, by Russia and China in particular.

RCDA has been granted standing in said public inquiry. We want to represent Russian Canadians who — just like us — value highly the integrity of democratic and election processes. We believe any interference, attempted or actual, into Canadian federal elections is unacceptable and must be investigated.

At this stage, the inquiry will investigate any types of possible foreign interference in Canadian elections. For example, this could have been the Russian embassy influencing members of the Russian-Canadian community, or political activism by organizations with ties to or funding from the Russian government, or it could have been the spread of disinformation among the Russian-speaking Canadian population by agents of the Russian government.

If you have information on any attempts by the Russian government (or the governments of other countries) to influence Canadian elections, reach out to us via or telegram bot @contactRCDAbot.

If you know anyone who has encountered such cases, ask them to come forward and contact us.

Please help us spread awareness about this inquiry.

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