Portraits of war victims


For the memorial event dedicated to the war victims in Ukraine, we will prepare names and short descriptions of the circumstances in which people died. We hear the statistics and see the numbers of the deceased. The horrors of what is happening make us want to distance ourselves. The goal of this project is to see individual tragedies, to get closer to them. To show that behind the statistics there are real people who died, families who will never see them again. With this initiative, we want to honor the memory of innocent victims.

We have received permission from the artist Viktor Melamed @oldoldanimal (https://t.me/oldoldanimal) to use and distribute his works. RCDA activists have prepared translations of the texts into English, French, and Ukrainian. We will be happy to share the materials with you! We also call on volunteers to join us in translating into other languages!

Activists from Germany held a similar event on December 3, 2022 in the city of Göttingen! Join us, leave a request by following the link below: