Collateral damage

A term that should not be forgotten

Russian-Canadian Democratic Alliance is pleased to announce an important and meaningful event dedicated to commemorating the victims of the war in Ukraine. An exhibition, piano concert and fundraiser will be held at the Georges Vanier Cultural Centre in Montreal from April 28 to 30.

April 28, 4-8 pm

April 29, 1-5 pm

April 30, 1-5 pm

Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine has brought sorrow and destruction to peaceful cities and has left countless people dead and injured. Our goal is to shed light on the ongoing drama in Ukraine and help raise funds to help its citizens who have been affected by the war.

In collaboration with Russian artist Victor Melamed (@oldoldanimal), we will present the portraits of war victims among the civilians, along with their stories, that he has been drawing and publishing every day since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Through these portraits, we want to show the stories of simple people, in which everyone can recognize themselves, their friends, and their neighbours. We think it is important to remember that every victim of war is not just a number in the statistics of collateral damage, but a person with a name, a family, a profession and a unique life story.

We are privileged to announce that renowned Canadian and Ukrainian pianists based in Montreal will accompany the exhibition with a musical interpretation in memory of the war victims: Serhiy Salov, Maria Sourjko, Quentin Bourbeau, Lisa Miller, Miriam Sekhonet, Magoga Machulskaya, Olga Kudriakova. Leur programme de représentations pendant ces 3 jours comprend des œuvres de Prokofiev, Gluck, Franck, Albinoni, Silvestrov, Bach, Chopin, Skoryk, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, etc. The program will be announced in the nearest future.

The event is organized by Olga Babina, activist and one of the founders of RCDA, and Tata Pemova, activist, under the conceptual supervision of Montreal-based artist and curator Eliza Olkinitskaya, with technical support in the material preparation of scientific artist and researcher Vladimir Pimonov.

We express our gratitude to Concordia University, Russian-Canadian Democratic Alliance and to the Georges Vanier Cultural Centre for their support in the organization of this event.

Entry to the exhibition and concert is free, but you are welcome to donate any amount to our fundraiser. All raised money will be spent on humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian citizens affected by the Russian invasion.

Please join this event to commemorate the victims of the war in Ukraine. Your presence and support are important. We hope to see you there.